Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need immunization records?

Kidsplay must have on file the Immunization Records for each child with specific dates recorded. No child will be allowed to attend without required immunizations. No child may continue enrollment at Kidsplay for more than 30 days without a current immunization report. Please alert the administrative staff of any allergies or special dietary requirements prior to your child’s first day. 

What do I need to do to register? 

Prior to or by your child’s first day at Kidsplay the following forms must be completed, signed and reviewed by the administrative staff:

  • Registration Form (one for each child)
  • Immunization Report showing full name and birthdate
  • Health and Emergency Form
  • Signed and Dated Acknowledgement of Receipt of Family Handbook
  • Media Release Form
  • Legal/Custody Paperwork, if applicable
  • IEP or IFSP, if applicable
  • Medication Authorization Form, if applicable
  • Infant Information Form, if applicable (Safe Sleep)
  • School Transportation Form, if applicable  

Registration can be done prior to the first drop-off. We do ask that you allow 15-30 minutes to complete all the paperwork and necessary forms at drop off.